Remember mixer value?

• Apr 13, 2021 - 04:09

The piano sound volume seems a little bit low. I can increase the volume in the mixer panel, but if I restart MuseScore, it gets reset. Saving the file does not seem to save the mixer volume. Is there any way to save it?


Use dynamics, mf is the default, so use something louder like f or ff?

OTOH if I iuse the mixer to increase the volume, save the score, close MuseScore, reopen and check the mixer it is still at the value I set it to

If you change just the piano volume in the mixer, that gets saved. If you change the overall master volume, though, that is indeed just a temporary override. So if your goal is to make the piano louder 8than other instruments in the same score*, use the piano channel of the mixer. if the goal is to hear MsueScore play all instruments in this score louder, probably you have the wrong dynamic marking - maybe you mean it to be "f" or "ff" instead of "mf". Or maybe you just need to turn up your speakers :-).

As others have suggested, if you attach your score we can understand and assist better.

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OK, but in that case, I think there is something else going on - your system volume is probably simply too low. Solo piano music is inherently not as loud as, for instance, a full orchestra. So it's absolutely normal that the default volume for a solo piano score would be much less than for an orchestra. Turning up the mastert gain will now force all other music to be too loud - like, it will distort and very possibly damage your speakers and/or hearing. If you happen to feel like listening to a particular piano piece louder than the default, it's better to simply turn up your speakers, and then turn them down later, than to risk distortion and potential damage by having MuseScore play all music louder than it was designed to.

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Well, a soundfont that is designed to only be for piano doesn't need to balance its various instrument to have appropriate balance between instruments, so it can just set piano to the max volume.

Anyhow, you are free to do as you wish of course. I'm just pointing out the reason why a single solo piano from within a soundfont designed to be able to reproduce a full orchestra will not be as loud as that full orchestra, and what will happen if you turn up the overall synthesizer volume and then play a score that does get closer to the max. Turning up the piano in the Mixer for a specific score is definitely a better solution here than turning up the overall synthesizer volume.

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