Sound Issues

• Apr 13, 2021 - 06:32

I can't get musescore to produce sound. My mixer is greyed out, I can't reset the MIDI devices, it won't even pretend to produce sound. I've checked for updates, I've gone through everything I could in the FAQ article, and nothing has fixed it. I've even gone so far as to entirely uninstall and reinstall Musescore from my computer, and yet there just doesn't seem to be any sound whatsoever. The Musescore base sound font is where it's supposed to be, so that's not the problem (I don't know if it even could be given what my problem is, but I figured I'd mention it).


If that's the FAQ article you mean when you tried everything, please tell us which version of MuseScore, what OS, what audio devices you are using, and what you see in Edit / Preferences /I/O after doing the revert to factory settings.

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I'm currently using the updated version of MuseScore 3 on Windows. All four of the drop down menus on the I/O page are blank, and show no change after resetting to factory settings. I am using a bluetooth device primarily, though, upon testing just now, the sound does seem to work when I just use the system speakers. Is there a way to fix it so I can continue to use my headphones for sound?

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