Musescore on School Computers Crashing in Bar 3

• Apr 13, 2021 - 08:16

Apr 12, 2021, 8:42 GMT+2
Good morning Musescore,
I was wondering whether you could help me? I have Musescore (the latest version) both on my school laptop and my personal one and use it all the time with no trouble. Over Lockdown my GCSE Music students downloaded it (the latest version) onto their personal computers and again there were no problems.
We are trialing Musescore on the computers at school (again the latest version) and unfortunately it is not going well and we were wondering whether there was anything you could suggest? When the students are all on it (there are only 8 of them) they get to usually bar 3 and it completely freezes and you see the windows blue spinning wheel! The students can close Musescore down by pressing the red cross and it says “Musescore is not responding” and you can either wait (forever) or close it down. Closing it down loses the work and they have to start again. They have tried saving the file as soon as they have created it, but they compose a few bars and it happens again.
Do you have any ideas as to how we can rectify this?
Thank you so much in anticipation,
Ellen :)


Hi Ellen. Does this happen with any score or just a specific one? If it's latter, could you please share it here? Issues of this kind are usually impossible to investigate without a score which exhibits the issue.

Could you also verify that the version you are running is 3.6.2? It is the latest stable version.

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