Volvere ,El Tren que nos separa Cords ?

• Apr 14, 2021 - 17:38

Hi guys; can anybody here vouch for these cords or notes composition on this piece! Thanks

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Can you explain your question in more detail? Are you asking if the notes were entered into the notation program that was used to create that PDF, based on comparing it to some other published version? If so, probably a question better suited for a more general music discussion forum, as it doesn't seem to have any connection to MuseScore that I can see?

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What is your question? Do you want to know if the chords sound good or have people make suggestions? It is better if you attach a MuseScore file (.MSCZ) so that people can play it.

¿Cuál es tu pregunta exactamente? ¿Te preguntas si los acordes suenan bien? Es mejor si adjunta un archivo MuseScore (.MSCZ) para que la gente pueda escucharlo.

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Thank you sir; yes and beats? i 'm hard ear when it comes to recompose stuff of music track ,specially cords and beats to use my Yamaha PSRS910 keyboard rhythm accompaniment, I'm just a music hobbit that likes to play but have to have music sheet to be able to play something ,i'm an old folk with lack of memory, learned music by myself the hard way, not born for this but i do what i can with the help of folks like you and Utube clips.Thanks for your patience.

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