How to open MuseScore ver 2 files in 3.6

• Apr 14, 2021 - 17:57

Have been away from using MuseScore -- composed in 2 and downloaded today 4/14/21 the latest version 3. something. So, I now have two separate versions. I thought it would update the 2. Opened 3.6 and can't figure out how to get my MS 2 files loaded. MACBOOK PRO MacOS Mojave. Please help.

I switched to using Dorico, which sadly, yes after almost a year, there are still basic things that just don't make sense to me, and I can't seem to enter the state of consciousness of the programmers so I can think the way they do. There is no training program, and the billion page manual is not indexed - btw. It's been quite frustrating, and I am considering coming back to MuseScore if I can install orchestral libraries.

I am an odd duck because I compose in music notation program, having studied Western Music Theory and notatation late in life -- (only had a brief formal background in Indian Classical music. So, I never played an instrument reading Western music notation. So, I compose complex orchestration and listen :) I don't have a DAW.

I'm working a piece I wrote from guitar and I want to use tablature that shows where the notes are fret-wise and it looks like I can do that on MuseScore. YAY!


You can keep both versions (2X/3X) and open the old *.mscz with the new version. It will offer you to update the layout.

No special steps are required to open old files in MuseScore 3. Just open them normally - File / Open, browse to find the location where you saved them (default would have been Documents/MuseScore2/Scores), select the file, then click the button to open. Same as you'd open any other file in any other program.

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