8th course in Italian tablature

• Apr 14, 2021 - 19:36


I've been enjoying the different customizable options for the tablatures, particularly for the historical plucked instruments. One little detail that I can't seem to edit is how the 8th course on a theorbo is notated in Italian tablature. At the moment, as your website describes it, the 8th string is notated with a "0" two positions above the tab body with two 'ledger lines'. Is it possible to edit this string to show an "8" just like the 9th course would show a "9"? This is how it appears in music by Piccinini, Zamboni, Melli, and Castaldi to name a few.

As a theorbo player this would help greatly in making more accurate transcriptions of music

Thank you

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A workaround is to add another instrument theorbo. You add the appropriate note(s) to it, then hide this staff in the Instruments dialog ("I")

On the initial staff, enter a dummy note (which you also hide and mute in the inspector), and add the 8 as simple text. Put this 8 in a palette. It can be used again on other occasions.

After hidding the second staff, you get: Theorbo2.mscz


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