Randomly Graying Lyrics/Chords

• Apr 14, 2021 - 23:53

A whole line of lyrics and/or chords goes faint. Sometimes if I click somewhere near and above the staff it will sharpen properly, but it's random and on this current score not responding. While I was trying anything, I moved the score up the screen and off the frame, and when I pulled it back down, the whole first staff had grayed. Clicking nearby restored it. Now the composer, copyright, and entire 2nd page chords and lyrics won't fix (staff and notes are fine). Thanks for your help.


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Thanks Marc.
I can't reproduce the error (of course), and this isn't the only score it's happened to. I can tell you the the effect occurs to the rest of the score when you highlight a row of measures. Clicking out normally restores the whole score to normal, except where it's frozen in that altered state. Score (Dare I Come to Calvary) with p.2 notes and chords, copyright (both pages) and composer affected is attached. Score (How Odd) is having the same issue with p.1, copyrights, composer and subtitle.

Another observation: randomly highlighting some measures (one at a time) causes the whole score fade, while clicking on other measures doesn't.

Both scores were created since updating to MuseScore 3.6, which (I just noticed) is on my desktop as MuseScore 3.6 Testing (3.6.0 unstable). Hmm. Maybe something there? If so, how do I address that?

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Sounds like you must have installed a beta or other non-official release at some point. What OS are you on? Best to uninstall the unofficial version and instead download the official version, using the Download link above.

Anyhow, I have tried loading those scores but a, not understanding what I would need to do in order to see a problem. Everything I have tried works as expected. Are you saying the problem gone away for you? If not, please describe in more detail how to reproduce the problem.

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No, the problem hasn't gone away. I just don't know how to cause it. Maybe with a new score it will present itself. On my end, there's visually a very clear issue.

How I got an unofficial version beats me!! I've been using MS for a few years now, updating (I thought) via the website. I'll try that though and see if it corrects the problem.

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