Multiple clefs in staff

• Apr 17, 2021 - 10:23

Is there a way to have a clef let's say every 2 or 3 bars in a staff. I have multiple short musical examples and each needs is own clef. When I drag a clef to a system the clef is both smaller and places itself before the bar line where I dragged it to. Now this is correct in the case of a change of clef in a continuous piece of music, but I want to show these are separate little snippets of music. There seems to be no way to adjust the size of the clef. I can change the x position of the clef but that seems to move the clef on top of the notes unless I add a time signature which I then can move to make room for the clef but sometimes the clef just jumps back to its default position before the bar line. Also it seems very difficult to move the 1st not in the bar to provide the proper space between key signature or time signature and the 1st note.
There is a scale entry in the inspector for time signatures but there is no equivalent scale entry for the clef in the inspector.

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Is this the kind of thing you want? See the attached files. The MS file probably doesn't look as you'd like it, but if printed to PDF it might be as some of the elements have been rendered invisible for printing.


Sorry - I can't go the distance of uploading files to so that they'll show up in line here - you'll have to open the links to the attachments.

To get the large enough bass clef sign use the piano bass clef. If you try to insert new clefs they may be reduced in size. To get rid of the bracket at the start of the joined staves just delete that. Getting rid of the joining line is harder - but can be done for printed output by selecting the line and then using 'v' to make it invisible.

Gaps between sections can be made using horizontal frames as already suggested.

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What I am trying to achieve is
No gaps between the different sections.
All clefs the same size as the initial clefs. (This rules out additional inserted clefs as they are smaller in size)
A bracket at the beginning but no brackets between the sections. Once the beginning bracket is visible ALL brackets after horizontal frames are visible. So this rules out frames to separate the sections.
Anyway I just wanted to know if its possible to do that and it doesn't look like it is at present. A section break that does not add a system break and does not add brackets would be the answer but its probably not worth the trouble.

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I would personally not bother trying to reproduce the non-standard lack of gaps in the example you are copying and instead just go with the standard. That is, let the frame have some width so it looks like how most professional editors would have engraved this rather than how that particular editor chose to (or was forced to by limitations of the software they were using) engrave it.

A section break without a line break is something that has been discussed recently and would be useful indeed, so hopefully a future version of MuseScore includes that feature.

Meanwhile, if you still really want to copy the lack of gaps, I'd recommend using the zero-width frame, deleting the bracket, then adding one as a graphic if you find that necessary at the beginning of lines. A narrow horizontal frame at the beginning of the system give you a nice place to attach the graphic. You can create the graphic using the image capture tool, then add it your your palette for easy reuse,

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Thanks. I will just ad a section break where required since its only for my personal use. Maybe a scale option in the inspector for inserted could be considered in future versions? Very low priority I would suggest..

Thanks everyone for their comments.

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It could indeed, and might be useful in some other use cases, but I suggest this still wouldn't be a very good way to do what you want. After all, the clef, key, and time signature would be out of order - the clef added to the first note of a measure is supposed to appear after those but you would want it before. Much more straightforward is a section break without a line break, which would allow what you want directly. Or an option on the horizontal frame to control exactly which elements of the header get added. Right now it's all or nothing - you get clef and key (and time signature if appropriate) plus braces, or none of the above.

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