Change note length and shunt all the following along in the tune

• Apr 17, 2021 - 12:10

I'm a music theory beginner and find interacting with Musescore is a great learning tool. I've composed a single line tune but on playing it back discovered that some note lengths need to be altered. However, when I lengthen or shorten these notes it only corrects within the bar and doesn't accordingly shunt all the following notes in the tune along. Please can someone assist. (Please don't include shortcuts - I shall eventually learn these but not at this early stage). Thanks. Chris


You should use cut-and paste, to remove the the passage of music and keep it in the clipboard temporarily. Then lengthen or shorten the offending note, and paste the passage back (either later or earlier than its original position). The example below shows how to lengthen a note and move the following passage a beat later:

Using cut-and-paste to move a passage of music.png

See also "Selection Modes" in the Handbook for advice about selecting an entire passage of music:

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