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• Apr 20, 2021 - 17:08

I recently tried creating an orchestral template of my own in MuseScore 3 and named it "Symphonic Textures I". The file was saved in its usual format(Symphonic_Textures_I) inside an allocated folder. For some reason MuseScore renamed this file "scq11532" in its start center. Unhappy with this renaming, I deleted the "Symphonic_Textures_I" file to get rid of the "scq,,." file. The "Symphonic_Textures_I" file was successfully deleted but the "scq11532" still remains as an accessible file via the start center. My pc does not recognize this file as existing. Could this be some kind of bug or is there a way to get rid of it?

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Dear Shoichi

I thank for your assistance but this prescribed method does not seem to work in this scenario. It is established that the file "scq11532" may be one that is 'hidden' and I've managed to identify and delete some unnecessary files from MuseScore 3 using this method, although I cannot seem to find any file named "scq11532" under any relevant folder. Once again. Thank you for your assistance.

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After conducting an external search on pc, I've manage to locate the file which I feel is good news. The only problem I am faced with now is actually deleting it. Upon selecting the file/s for deletion I am told that they could not be found on my pc. Please refer to the two attachments for further clarity.

Note: Certain information I've deemed 'personal' has been hidden for safety purposes, my 'Username' in particular.

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Could be your OS has cached searched results/ You could try rebooting then search again. Or just go to that folder normally and see for yourself what's in it. Could also be a permissions problem, I guess. In any case, at this point, it's a general system administration issue, not anything MuseScore has any direct control over. The file was created to recovery after a crash, and if it's not needed any more, you are free to delete it if you can figure out how to get Windows to allow it, but it's also harmless.

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To be clear - the strange names file are not stored in your personal folders, those are MuseScore internal autosave files files meant for us in recovering from a crash only. If you see one in your start center, that suggestion you probably had a crash, restored your previous session, then had another crash before you ever got around to saving your work. If that's the copy you've been doing your work on, by all means open it to get at that work, but then immediately save it back to the actual folder you want with the actual name you want - don't keep relying on that old autosave file.

With extended gratitude to all who have assisted me, I am most happy and delighted to announce that my problem has been solved :) .

Possible Solution(to those who may experience a similar problem):

After configuring my pc for displaying hidden files(refer to method provided in comments), searching and locating the file/s on my pc, I attempted to delete it which was by means of confirming that the file does not exist or has been deleted previously(refer to the attachment MuseScore_3_Equiry03EdV.png in the comments). This somehow resulted in the message being displayed from the MuseScore 3 start center screen(refer to the attachment MuseScore_3_Enquiry04EdV.png). As soon as this message is displayed, select 'ok' and restart MuseScore 3. The file should not be there the next time you open up the start center.

A MASSIVE thank you! :-D


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