Good DAW for Musescore

• Apr 20, 2021 - 19:03

There are many good digital work stations, but is there one which works particularly well with Musescore as far as transferring files and recording? I have used Cakewalk in the past. I have also used Audacity to a limited extent. I am sure the more expensive ones like Pro Tools will work well, but I have a limited budget and would like to use one that is either open source or relatively inexpensive.


Depends on what kind of workflow you are trying for - transferring files in which direction and for what purposes, recording what on which program, etc? And are you interested in using MIDI,. audio, MusicXML, or something else? Audacity isn't really a DAW but a nice audio editor, fine for taking audio files exported by MuseScore and doing simple edits to them (they will have already been mixed down to stereo by then so your options are pretty limited).

Import and export of audio and standard MIDI files are such basic features of any DAW that I doubt one does it much better than another. Is there another value of “works particularly well” that you had in mind?

Recent versions of Cakewalk have a bug that sometimes leaves the UI cluttered with lanes for unused MIDI controllers even if you delete all the CCs out of the project. This is a minor nuisance when importing from Musescore, which likes to export a lot of useless (IMO) CC values at the head of each track. I wouldn’t let that stop me from using Cakewalk - especially in view of its retail price ;)

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