The Training course

• Apr 20, 2021 - 20:55

Does the $25 training course have a search type function where you can put in a "How do I" type question and automatically go to that problem area? Thank you Example: How do I change the (apparently the default choice) time designation from 4/4 to 3/4?


I assume you are referring to my Mastering MsyueScore: Complete Online Course ( No, unfortunately it does not have a search facility. but it does have an extremely well-organized table of contents, breaking everything down into sections and then individual lessons within.

For instance, anything you need to know about time signatures is found in the section entitled "Clefs, Key and Time Signatures", and the specific lessons within that section "Time Signatures" and "Customization" Time Signatures".

That said, I am not sure what you mean about "default choice". The time signature for a newly created score is whatever you specify in the dialog box in wizard that appears when you create a new score with File / New. if you mean, you want to change something about the demonstration score that appears when you start MsueScore, you can change what score appears when you start MuseScore in Edit / Preferences.

These topics are covered in the lessons appropriately titled "Creating a New Score" and "Customization" respectively.

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