The 'can't cross triplet boundary' on imported midi files bug. Any way around this?

• Apr 20, 2021 - 21:41

I imported a midi file today and thought I'd slog though and come up with something useful for my band. I had to move parts of a song to fix rhythms, but I got the above error. I was able to solve a small problem with cut and paste on one of these problems by umbeaming the notes and moving them to the left. It worked. But when I tried to umbeam all notes and move a big chunk of notes I still got the error.

The midi import went well, but the song was written in 4/4 all the way through, yet there needs to be a measure of 3/4 and one of 3/8 in there to turn it into readable sheet music. This is the problem. Basically I need to move the entire song at some point in the middle, over to the left one eighth note. The program complains.

I know I can work around individual issues -- cut and paste -- etc, but I want to do this en masse. Has anyone come up with any tricks to accomplish this?


The error message isn't a bug, it's telling you something that is literally true - you can't paste partial tuplets, or paste such that triplets would cross measure boundaries, etc. If you attach your actual score and describe what you are trying to do, we can help you figure out ways of doing copy and paste that won't violate these rules.

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That makes sense. Tuplets can't cross a measure boundary when it would break up one of the three notes in the triplet. I went back over the import and was able to get it all corrected. I just had to remove the triplets, then I could cut and paste those notes to their proper place.

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