Eb Alto extra clefs

• Apr 21, 2021 - 03:23

For some reason when I change the spacing of the staves for the alto part, clefs start appearing where they shouldn't be. It gets worse the more I tweak. They start multiplying.


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Hmm, the score is definitely kind of messed up but not in ways I recognize. If you view the Eb Alto Horn 1 part, and look at measure 4, you'll see the barline appears doubly thick - that's because there are actually two barlines there. Is there anything you can think of that might have caused that - any unusual you did with barlines at that point? Although that's not the only place - look around and you'll see quite a few others. Basically everywhere there was a system break in the score.

This seems related to the extra clefs, since they also appear in places there were formerly system breaks. But it's a bit mysterious how it got this way.

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I wrote the alto parts the same way I did the rest of the score. I didn't notice the barline thing until you just pointed it out. The only thing other than adding repeats, was stretching the barlines to the next staff when on the conductors score (I actually forgot to add the bracket, so I have to do that). The "double" barlines in the part, line up with when the full score goes to a new page. After checking the box to extend the barlines to the next staff, the system adds the extended barlines the the end of the last measure on the page and the beginning of the measure on the next page like it is supposed to. But somehow the information to have two barlines makes its way into the part, which it is not supposed to do. That's a little hard to follow along, but that is what I'm thinking is happening.

That would explain why the clefs would want to stay there, because it thinks it is a whole new line when it is not.

There were bugs in older versions that could result in hidden clefs remaining in your score that would reappear as the layout changed. The bugs were fixed some time ago , but already-infect scores would need to be cured manually. Go to Format / Style / Page, disable courtesy clefs (might want to do key and time signatures while you're at it), then save. Then close the score, reload, and re-enable the courtesies.

If this score was created from scratch in 3.6, we would definitely want you to post it here, and provide any information you can share on anything unusual that might have happened along the way that could explain how it got messed up like this.

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