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• Apr 21, 2021 - 14:27


Does anyone know how can I move the selected voice from the left side to the right side?

Thank you!

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You can use the X / horizontal offset in the Chord section of the Inspector.

I would note that the rules for how these sorts of things are handled by professional editors are kind of subjective, but I would not recommend overriding the default here. I gather some editors might want to save space by having the dotted note to the right, but the downside is, then it isn't clear if the dot applies to just the half or whether it applies to the eighth as well. So it's something I might recommend only if saving that couple of millimeters really makes the difference in whether you can fit another measure on the system or not.

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The score you posted is different from the one in the picture. The original had the dotted half note in voice one, the eighths in voice 2 - but this one is the other way around. So it's not totally clear what you want.

If you take this score and simply reset the adjustments (select the measure, hit Ctrl+R), you get something that I guess maybe you'd like:

Screenshot 2021-04-21 1.19.55 PM.png

If you prefer the dotted half note to be the upstem note, then swapping voices gives you what was in your original picture. You can then simply move the eighth note to the left using the Inspector, which produces what I think you are actually asking for:

Screenshot 2021-04-21 1.21.50 PM.png

To me, neither of these is very good, though, the default in MuseScore as shown in your first image is the most correct and most readable. I wouldn't risk misunderstanding in reading by deviating from the usual standard here without extremely good reason, like if you are working for a publisher that requires a different arrangement.

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Thank you for your help! I swiped the voices and used the inspector and the notes became more close as you said. I understand what you said about the usual standard but it's my original composition and when the dotted is on the left side its looks for me not esthetical and bad and I don't think it can create any misunderstandings when it's on the right side because all the eight notes are connected in pairs and in the same time in the whole measure. when you look on it you understand that you need to play eight's notes and that the half dotted is only to tell you to play that note with little accent and prominence and keep holding the piano key more as you can. I'm fine with that because I already saw this way of writing in other composer's scores and never get into misunderstanding when saw unison dotted voice on the right side. Anyway, thank you again for your help today

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