Option to remove spacing for ALL invisible elements (including notes, rests, etc.)

• Apr 22, 2021 - 02:53

Hello there,
I believe there should be a setting for removing spacing for all invisible elements in the score. I would suggest this being a tickbox in the style menu. At the moment invisible elements (especially notes), can really mess up the spacing of the measures. This would be especially useful for when someone want to hear invisible notes where there is slash notation or some other element. I'd imagine this would not be a difficult feature to add nor do I believe this would detriment Musescore at all.


Most elements do not influence layout when made invisible. Most of the few that do, do so on purpose.
Hearing slash notes is possible already. Also there's chord symbols with playback.

It probably wouldn't hurt to have an option for that someday as long as it defaults to off because as noted, many people rely on invisible content specifically for spacing purposes (eg, to create proportional spacing).

But it's already very simple to have notes for playback only that don't effect layout. Instead of sticking them on the same staff and messing with multiple voices, just create another staff then mark it invisible in Edit / Instruments once you're done. This is the very easy way to have the sorts of things you describe - parts that play but don't show up or interfere with layout in any way.

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