Fields with short text

• Apr 22, 2021 - 08:37

Various text fields can be build in, like for chord, expression, staff, etc. How do I move these fields around on the sheet? Sometimes I manage to grab a field in a corner (like Power Point), but it is very difficult. Is there a general way?


I normally use the cursor keys, personally - (single) click the text to select it, then the cursor keys by themselves move the text in 0.1 sp increments, or with Ctrl to move in 1 sp increments. I try to rely mostly on the altter. But only when absolutely necessary - if you attach things to correct places in the first place, it shouldn't be necessary to move them very often.

Byt in cases where you don't care about precision, the mouse does work, no need to aim for a corer, just click anywhere within the text to commence dragging.

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