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• Apr 29, 2021 - 19:32

I do understand that when setting up a format there is a tick box to exclude a pickup measure from being
included in the measure numbers on the score. However, when I am already a good way into editing a score, and I have identified a pickup I want to exclude from the numbering, the Format→Style...→Measure Numbers route does not appear to get me to where I can exclude the pickup bar from the measures-numbering (on the systems). I have not been able to get the option come up, in a dialog box say, for taking the appropriate action. Nothing I have read (or at least assimilated) so far on the forum or in the MuseScore instructions has resolved this issue for me. I am a relative newcomer to MuseScore so I may be missing what may be very obvious to others. Although I have been trying to follow as much of the really excellent advice in Marc's MuseScore Cafe etc as I can (and I am certainly enjoying and benefiting from his really fine tips and insights) this particular little [seemingly huge] thing eludes me. If you could, kind people, please show a very basic step by step to resolve this niggling problem. Once again, thanks to all of you for the marvellous input into this great ongoing project that is MuseScore


After watching the latest MuseScore Cafe - Fixing Mistakes (for just 10 or 15 mins) from being in a state of Largo
well Hey Presto! in a nicely marcato way (pun intended and well-meant) Marc you solved the niggling puzzle of why I could not exclude the pickup measure from the measure numbering in the score systems. The puzzle really presented because I saw nothing that I could instantly relate to pickup bar/measure.
And as always you accompanied your explanation with some extra really useful and quite fascinating tips.
I am not without a fair knowledge of musical theory but I urge anyone having any technical problems like I have had with the 'how to' navigate in MuseScore to consult the MuseScore forum and if anyone has any musical conundrums to solve either look into Marc's course or do it online as Marc advises to check out stuff like reasons for enharmonic choices of note-name etc etc
Once again Marc, and to all the other very helpful people involved with MuseScor, a really grateful thank you from me. The way you teach in the MuseScore Cafe is absolutely brilliant.

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Thanks, I really appreciate the kind words!

For people who aren't familiar with this, it's a weekly series I do via YouTube live, every Wednesday as 12:30 Eastern time (which translates to either 16:30 or 17:30 GMT depending on season), where I demonstrate different aspects of creating music with MuseScore. See the playlist on YouTube:

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