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• Apr 30, 2021 - 06:35

The original children's lullaby lyrics are larger and easier to read. MuseScore's are smaller, partly because I had to scale to get the systems to fit a standard letter size paper.

Dear Wizards, I know there must be a way to make the words and spaces between the lines larger without crowding everything unreasonably. Would you drop some knowledge?

Thanks! <3

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Click on a word and use the Inspector to change the font, size and spacing. Further spacing options are in Format > Style > Lyrics. HTH

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Thank you, Brer Fox and Mr Fox. I truly appreciate your help.

Right now, the documentation is overwhelming my old brain. I selected all the lyrics in the Inspector and changed them to 12pt. They look lovely at three bars per system; however, I can't reduce the stretch to four bars. I've tinkered with the inspector, but I've haven't found the right combination.

Would you please share the next step?

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Thank you, Mr Fox. That SHOULD work.

The Ctrl+A was a kewl way to select the whole piece. I had been selecting the whole piece using the arrow key. Very nice!

I have been using select Format→Stretch→Decrease Layout Stretch for some time now. It isn't new to me. However, it doesn't decrease the stretch far enough to get to single page width. That's when I went to scaling, which makes everything fit lov-er-ly but has small lyric text.

Do you have another workaround? Is there something in my program that needs to be adjusted?

Thanks in advance. <3


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Hey, Jojo!

Reducing the space below lyrics worked wonderfully! Thanks!

I was able to increase the script size to where it was close to my original piece. It scattered the words around; however, I was able to drag them back into place. They aren't perfect, but they'll do. I'll work on perfection next time.

One last question. Is there a way to increase the size of the notes on the staves? They look so tiny compared to the words.

Thanks for puzzling this out with me. Your brain is more nimble than mine with these things. <3


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Making the notes larger means to make the staff space setting larger and with that (almost) everything else too.
And that in turn needs larger paper.

17pt for lyrics is too big IMHO, and 1,350mm for the space setting too small.
Check my score from above, 12pt for lyrics and 1.550mm for the space setting seems more reasonable

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Thank, Jojo and Mr Fox.

I'm still bamboozled here. I don't believe the font is 17px. It's be downscaled several times. I don't think scaling changes the numbers.

The margins are 5px now. I don't want to go smaller. It needs enough margin to look decent in a HTML.

I like the look of my current lyrics. They closely match the original. I think if the systems were made taller, the notes would increase to the appropriate size. Is there a way to increase the height of the systems? I haven't found it ... yet....

You both have produced lovely versions. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to replicate them, and I want to submit my own work, not someone else's. I'm trying to master the learning curve here.

Thank you both for your patience. You're AWESOME! <3


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Thanks, Jojo. Kinda sheepish now. I found all the ways NOT to make this work. That is SOOOO me! LOL!

I checked pt sizing on another score. Even though the score is scaled and looks smaller, it still shows as the original pt size. The settings aren't changed by the scaling. That's a long way of saying, "You're absolutely right! 17pts!"

I started over. I had changed my original so much the lyrics weren't lined up right. Back to standard defaults. Using the Inspector, I selected and changed all the lyrics to 12pt., inserted missing grace notes [oops], and final scale of 1.641mm. Took it to the nth degree to get as large a score as possible.

I also learned how to insert lyric line numbers using just the lyrics. Up until now, I have been putting them in as text and trying to visually align them.

Here's my end product, ready to ship to post processing. The score isn't as large as the one from the book, but it's a lot better than my original.

Jojo, your tutor's patience with me is remarkable. My humble thanks. <3


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