After installing ANY piano sound font, tenor sax sounds like a piano

• May 1, 2021 - 22:17

I want to experiment with SoundFonts, but can't get it to work properly at all.

I have tried several sound fonts just for piano, but each time I place one at the top of my list, none of my other instruments will play.

The way I think it should work.
Musescore starts with the first sound font. If it finds a match for the instrument. If not found , it should move to the next sound font.

The way it is actually working:
Musescore looks ONLY at the first sound font, and if any instrument isn't found in that soundfont, it plays it like a piano.

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If it isn’t first, how will any of its sounds get used? There is a piano sound in the general midi font, so if that is first it would always get used.

At least, that is all I can tell from the dozens of posts I have read, none of which explain how you even know which sound Musescore is using for each instrument.

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Glad you are getting on top of this. I've trodden down that route too. It seems best to work with small additional soundfonts, and putting them further down on the list might help - though in fact I don't think it's necessary. If the sound you really want is associated with a named instrument, you can also get to that quickly in the mixer by typing in the first part of the name, though it doesn't necessarily help with every instrument for a few other reasons.

You can try this also by taking a Musescore file - putting a section into a repeat loop, then go into the mixer, and then type in the first few letters of ... well ... whatever, and the sound will change as the repeat comes round.

Try checking the Drumset box too! After a few minutes though you might start to go mad .....

Enjoy experimenting.

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