MuseScore Tours: Missing space between sentences.

• May 3, 2021 - 00:57

Absolute beginner. No native English speaker.
Tours > tip windows > there are missing spaces between sentences.
Those little shortcomings do not make known the software as it deserves: looking good.


Text from the 1st image:

The main menu contains most other commands.
    In addition, many commands can be accessed via keyboard shortcuts or by right-clicking (macOS: "Ctrl"+clicking) within the score view.

So there is a line break and the next line starts with 4 spaces. Not sure why this would be different when shown for real?

Same for the text from the 2nd image:

The File Operations toolbar allows you to create/save/open/print files and undo/redo changes.
    You can also save to your account if you go to File > Save Online.
    The controls at the right of this toolbar control the display of your score.

And the 3rd:

These are the toolbars.
    The main three are File Operations, Playback Controls, and Note Input.

and the 4th:

This is the score view, where you can view and edit your score.
    Use your mouse wheel or touchpad to scroll (with "Shift" to scroll horizontally).
    If you have multiple scores open, you can switch between them using tabs at the top of your score view.

and the 5th:

This will reset all your preferences.
Custom palettes, custom shortcuts, and the list of recent scores will be deleted. MuseScore will restart with its default settings.
Reverting will not remove any scores from your computer.
Are you sure you want to proceed?

and the last:

That's the end of this tour!
    As you use MuseScore, more tours will pop up to further explain functionality.
    To disable these, deselect "Continue showing tours" before closing this window.
    You can also enable/disable and reset tours in Help > Tours.

So what is the language setting of your MuseScore? If "System" what is the language setting of your Operasting System? Need to check whether there's something wrong with the 'translation' of those strings.

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Hi –great– Jojo-Schmitz!

As you have correctly supposed, the language setting for my MuseScore is "System".
And the language setting for my Operating System is "English [US] – Primary”.

The same happens [missing space after punctuation mark] into the tip window following: MuseScore Preferences > General > Update Translations > MuseScore Resources > Extensions > Install/Update > MuseScore General HQ.

  • My computer is running macOS Big Sur, version 11.3.

Thank you very much for your comments!!

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That text too looks OK in the source:

Unable to download, save and verify the package.
Check your internet connection.

No idea why it doesn't for you. Maybe try to update the translations?

What version of MuseScore exactly? I hope 3.6.2 (and if not: update!).

Also, as you're not a native English speaker, how about switching MuseScore to your language (which is it?)

Reg. downloading the HQ soundfont see #314950: Downloading MuseScore_General_HQ extension fails, esp. the workaround mentioned there

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Hi again Jojo-Schmitz :)

Following your suggestion, I have updated all the languages, although it seemed enough to me to update only the one that my MuseScore uses. These updates have not solve the issue.

My computer is running this version of MuseScore:
- OS: macOS 10.16, [note that the OS version of my computer is macOS Big Sur 11.3.1]
- Arch.: x86_64,
- MuseScore version (64-bit):,
- revision: 3224f34.

I am not a native English speaker –my mother language is Galician, and the one of my father is Basque–, but I want to keep my computer running in English because I use it to learn English [so that I can access a lot of interesting knowledge and communicate with people like you].

Thank you for taking care of this little issue.

I can confirm the missing line breaks and also the missing 'indentation' spaces (and I have an idea why that is the case), but not the missing spaces after punctuations.
On Windows 10 that is, in case that matters.

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