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• May 5, 2021 - 15:44

I want to add a copyright symbol plus publishers name and 'All Rights' Reserved' info etc at the bottom of the first page of a piece of music. I have notation and TAB and I want it below the TAB, close to the bottom. I can add text, no problem. but I can't drag it to the bottom of the page. It just appears between the tab and notes and widens the gap between notes and tab when I try to move it. I've tried 'add frames' - 'text frame' but don't really know what I'm doing....Any help greatly appreciated.

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You attached a backup version of your score...
And you're using an antedilivian MuseScore 2.2.1! Update that to 2.3.2, then also install the latest and greatest, 3.6.2 in parallel

Anyway; go to File > Score properties > copyright and paste a copyright symbol into it, like from here: © and then enter whatever text you want there, and it''ll so on every page centered at the bottom
To he it bottom left on the 1st page only, go to Format > Style (3,x) resp. Style > Common (2.x) then Herader/Footer. There remove "$:copyright:" from the bottom center of odd and even pages and add "$C" to the bottom left of odd pages.


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