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• May 6, 2021 - 16:38

Automatic voicing of chords entered with Ctrl K on MuseScore 3 gives me intervals 0, 2, 3 for and F minor chord. The notes indicated for playback are F, F, G, Ab. 1, 2, 3, give me a playback sound that is not appropriate for what I want. I would have thought it might default to 1, 3b, 5 as a starting point, however voiced. I'm new to MuseScore and can't find how to change the auto chord structure.
Do I:
a) misunderstand something about chord structures;
b) misunderstand what the programme is doing;
I'd be grateful for any help on how to render an automatic 1, 3b, 5 for a minor chord playback which I don't want to modify.
Thanks in anticipation.


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Thanks jeetee
It kind of does ... in so far as if I access the Inspector I see that my style is defaulting to Jazz. When I change that to Literal the specific chord changes to 0, 7 3 on Auto. So, that sorts the one chord. I then selected my whole score and changed the Style format from Jazz to Standard. That didn't change the chords - still giving me 0, 2, 3 on all but the one I changed previously.
So then I also changed the Play Interpretations menu (in Format Style) from Jazz to Literal (having selected the whole score) and voile, all minor chords are now giving me 0, 7, 3. Which is just fine for what I want. Immediate problem solved!

One nag left - can one define one's own voicing choices as a default for auto chord (Control K)?

Many thanks for re-directing me back to the link - I had looked at it before but didn't see that I had to change both Style and Play Interpretation - I thought that selecting Standard in Style would render a Play in standard. Literal is not a term I was familiar with in this context.
Again, Much appreciated!

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Chord symbols would not normally default to Jazz playback style unless you explicitly set them to to do so. I think you are confusing the appearance setting with the playback setting. Appearance is score wide and is set in Format / Style / Chord Symbols. Playback is per-chord and is set in the Inspector, although you can also set a style default either with the "Set as style" button there in the Inspector, or the style dialog.

No, there are no custom voicings, but do check out the various voicing options providing, like drop 2, etc.

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