Question: Does MuseScore have «components»?

• May 11, 2021 - 00:17

Does Musescore have a feature, when I can combine a group of notes into some kinda «component» or «layer» or group (like in Photoshop or Figma) and when I edit any note in this group (let's say change pitch) it changes everywhere this component is used

Usage example:
1. I created a «component» with counterpoint melody
2. ctrl+c ctrl+v it everywhere across the piece
3. when I change the melody, it changes everywhere I placed it

I haven't found this feature in documentation, but I hope MuseScore has smth like this, isn't it?


That would be a really great feature. Ideally I'd like a whole bunch of components - not just one!

Then of course you could make things more complex by having components containing other components - but let's just strike out for a few at present.

I don't think MuseScore has this or any similar feature. It is possible to select a whole sequence of bars, and the Selection filter can be used on that - but it can be very tricky. Also, while it is possible to select a sequence of measures, it does not seem to be possible to select measures which are not contiguous - which might help a bit in some situations.

At present the best I can suggest is to select the feature - bars you want to reuse or modify. Then you can either copy them to some spare working space within the current project, or save them to a new file. You can then do the transpose or other modifications in the working area, or the separate file, and then copy those back into the main score. You would have to make multiple copies for each instance which is where your suggestion would have major advantages.

I really like your suggestion - so please put it forward as a feature for development.

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