MusicXML Import issue

• May 12, 2021 - 08:58


I am using Myriad PDF-to-Music.

I have run into a problem importing musicXML files. When imported, musescore adds extra beats to measures that are not 4/4.

Reading around, it would appear that this is related to how the exporting software implements the XML format and how musescore subsequently implements the XML on importing the file.

Is there a simple workround, for example editing the xml file?

Midi files import reasonably well, but this is not a usable workround for all of my music.

Example files attached



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test.xml 327.12 KB
test.mid 8.46 KB


This is not a problem of musescore. PDF-to-Music mostly delivers a less than perfect result and you need to make corrections after importing, especially for more complex scores. Editing the xml file requires detailed knowledge, so I make the corrections in musescore.

In this way by using MuseScore, the simplest way for me is with your example, to select these beats and pressing ctrl+del.

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