distance between systems

• May 15, 2021 - 15:10

How do I decrease the distance between systems?


Format > Style > Page, Min./Max system distance with or without vertical justification of staves.
Or use a fixed spacer and make it smaller

But also, if you attach your score, we can assist better. Therte are lots of options, the right one depends on why you are thinking you want less than the default space. For instance, if you are trying to decrease space based on how an empty score looks, don't - any adjustments you make now will turn out to be counterproductive once you add notes.

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The reason it's not uniform now is there are very different numbers of systems on each page. The right solution here is to simply balance that better, Add page breaks to even that up, then the spacing looks more even. The alternative is to allow a bunch of blank space at the end of the last page but that doesn't look very professional.

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