Adding an instrument to a part, key commands not auto saving.

• May 17, 2021 - 01:58

In the manual it clearly states that you can add an instrument to an existing part. Doesn't work for me. Once I create a custom single part, when I go back to the parts pane to add another instrument, everything in the lower section except for the minus is greyed out. Why does this not behave like the manual describes?
Further, creating a new part encompassing the new combination of instruments I want in the part means redoing the bars-per-line format, so that's not really a fix.
Finally is it normal that user customized key commands don't automatically load? I finally saved them after the third time they disappeared, but it seems odd to me that the program wouldn't boot in the state it was closed previously.

I'm starting to think I have a corruption or something cause so many things are so astoundingly non-intuitive. Is that possible?


You can add an instrument to a score, even if the part is the active tab.
That won't add it to that part though, just to the main score.
To add it to a part, you'd need to create the part afreash, you can#t cjhange the list of instrtuments in a part once that has been created

Everyone's intuition is different. It's impossible to design software in such a way that all people find all features intuitive. But any time you are having trouble discovering how something works, and spending a couple of minutes browsing the Handbook doesn't answer the question immediately, just feel free to ask here, and we can show you how to do what it is you aren't intuiting!

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Agreed. We all get used to a work flow based on the available tools. Switching software is always a somewhat painful learning curve.
I asked the question because I read in the manual that it could be done, but I guess that refers only to a score.
In any case I wouldn't at all mind creating a new part into which I can add the extra instruments, if it can carry over the formatting work I already did to the original part - as per our other thread about a "copy part layout" plugin.
Do plugins come from third parties? I've never understood how that works! Thanks.

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