mxl files

• May 17, 2021 - 12:50

I have 6371 files with extension mxl. These are lead sheets for tunes. These open easily in Musescore 2 on my Windows 10 PC albeit with an error message that doesn't seem to cause me any problems. How can I open these files in Musescore on my iPad, please?
I am new to iPad so I am struggling.


The MuseScore Editor, the program that opens mxl files on your Windows 10 PC, doesn't exist for iPad.
There's a player/viewer App for iOS (and Android), but that works on mscz files only

BTW: you should consider upgrading to MuseScore 3(.6.2)

What can do to view those files on your iPad is open them in MsueScore (again, preferably with a current version, which will produce much better results), then save them in MsueScore format (MSCZ). They can then be opened in the iPad app. Or - again, using MsueScore on your computer - export them to PDF, and view them on the iPad that way. There are some really nice PDF viewers specifically optimized for sheet music collections.

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