Help needed with Overture import

• May 20, 2021 - 11:43

I have a bunch of old Overture files that unfortunately do not open in MuseScore, two of them attached.

  • untitled-1.ove: I can open this in the Overture 4 demo version (Win), Overture 5 (on Mac) crashes
  • caccia leoni.ove: Opening this makes both Overture 4 and 5 crash

Any helpful advice appreciated!

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To make me happy. =)

But you are right, of course. Both files were created with an old version of Overture (I guess version 2). I was surprised to find that Overture 5 couldn't open them. They did definitely work in that old version.

After trying ove2xmly, Overture 5 demo for Mac and Overture 4 demo via Wine, and all of them without success, my last hope was on MuseScore. I don't know any other way to recover the music.

Quick update: the Overture 5 crash is actually a known bug in version 5, and Sonicscores is planning to fix it soon. The two files are definitely valid Overture 2 documents.

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Hmm, stepping thru it with a debugger:

  QString info = "Not compatible file, try to load and save with newer version, Overture 4 is recommended.\n";

Already when reading the file header.
Digging a bit further seems to show that MuseScore needs Ove 3 or later, so I've added that to the handbook (for now), see

Your files start with "OVP0:", all test files in the MuseScore repo start with "OVSC"

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