MuseScore 3.6.2 crashing consistently on copy/paste on Mac OS 10.15.7 (Catalina)

• May 21, 2021 - 15:48

I have never had this issue before with any previous MuseScore iteration. But now it's almost impossible to work in MuseScore as any time I copy and paste it crashes before I can paste, so I have to save every 2 seconds. A quick google search indicates copy and pasting has been crashing MuseScore for years - sometimes with slurs, sometimes not. I'm not using slurs.

Is there a fix for this? I will NOT be upgrading to Big Sur if that's the fix. Big Sur isn't fully compatible with other apps that I frequently use. Thank you.


Copy and paste works, since ages.

First try revering MuseScore to factory settings.
If that doesn't help, post the score your having the issue with and tell use what exactly you copy and where you paste it

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Thanks for your reply. I went into preferences, did a reset to default and unfortunately that didn't work. I'm only using MuseScore to create notation for drum beats. These aren't big scores. 8 to 16 bars at most. I have just noticed that it seems to ONLY happen when I use a shortcut on the Mac to copy and paste. If I go up to EDIT and select Copy and Paste - it hasn't crashed (so far). Just tried it now using only Copy and Paste shortcuts and it crashed BETWEEN a copy and a paste. (Typing this in real time while I experiment). Maybe I can record my screen, send you the video or upload to my YouTube Channel and send a link. Let me know what anyone prefers. Thanks.

Almost certainly the problem is a corrupted measure in your score, those can cause crashes which is why you are warned about the corruptions on open.

So yes, no doubt other people over the years have had corrupt scores that also triggered crashes on copy / paste or other operations. But every corruption is different. If you attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem, we can investigate and assist further. But assuming the score is indeed corrupt, what we'd then really need is to understand how it got that way - anything you can remember about how you created the passage in question.

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Thanks. I'm not receiving any corruptions on opening. It's definitely a Copy and Paste issue - and seems to be centered around the shortcut feature. As previously mentioned, I've used MuseScore for years and only ran into this problem when I purchased a new iMac in December and installed MuseScore 3 again. Maybe I'll delete and reinstall the entire program. If that doesn't work, I'll record my screen and upload a video to Youtube so support can see what's happening. Thanks again!

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Hi Marc, just purchased this 2016 MacBook Pro, I'm having same issues with a clean score with one measure.

Monterey Version 12.6.6
2.6ghz quad core Intel Core 17

Musescore vers. 3.6.2

Selecting just one note to Copy and paste from the cmd-c cmd-v crashes immediately. Using the menu copy and paste has no issue.

My MacBook Air 2015 uses identical macOS version and Musescore with any issues.

Other apps have no issues with kybd copy and paste

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3.6.2 is definitely not the latest release of MuseScore. It's over two years old already; 4.0.2 was just released a few months ago. And while I'm not macOS expert, Wikipedia tells me "The successor to macOS Big Sur, it was announced at WWDC 2021 on June 7, 2021,[2][3][4][5] and released on October 25, 2021.[6][7] macOS Monterey was succeeded by macOS Ventura, which was released on October 24, 2022."

So, while certainly those commands shouldn't crash - and they didn't for millions of 3.6.2 users on Monterey - both MuseScore and Monterey have had significant updates since then. So whatever suystem-specific problem you might have been triggering, there's a good chance it is already fixed. So try updating both your OS and MuseScore.

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I understand Marc about version 4. For me it's still too unreliable until it settles out more.

Since Monterey and version 3.6.2 has no issues on my MacBook Air early 2015, there must be something probably simple to remedy this issue on my MacBook Pro 2016. It does have the newer style keyboard with touch bar. It may be setting for the shortcut that is producing this problem. I need to check later today on the accessability that @jeetee recommended.

I been using musescore for a very long time, even with my older iMac using macOS 10.6.8 without any issues. and with Imac 4k retina with Big Sur.
Will be very interesting when i get the Mac Studio with M1 chip next month. Hopefuly Musescore will run happily.

But, I good test would be to try version 4.0.2 to see if this problem exists.

Definitely wierd issue....

thankx Marc

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i will give 4.0.2 another try.

BUT, you won't believe this but i had to wait for a charger for the MAcBook Pro 15". Today i charged the macBook. I went through same process yesterday and cannot reproduce the issue anymore. I even enabled recording so i could see the banner that was flashing when the crash happended.

very weird since i did not make any setting changes. Also, I saw the reply about disabling hover text, but that is enabled and musescore is not crashing.

oh well... thankx for your patience Marc. Using 4.0.2 as we speak...

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Hi DrummerMan, I had the same issue and went through this process trying to find the solution. Finally someone clued me into what it was and it resolved it - but here's the issue - I currently cannot remember what it was. I will hunt for it. It has nothing to do with your OS or version. It was something that had to be unchecked either on the Mac or in MuseScore and I'll do my best to find the solution. For now, just go up and copy and paste using the dropdown.

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