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Seems like
The claves stave writes only rests, no note heads.

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Dear Jojo,
I am 'in trouble' in a discussion with a pianist, accompagnist of a senior amateur choir. He is in his 70th but has been a big band leader and salsa pianist for many years. I on the other hand am a classical singer. Soooooo....
It's about rythm. Enclosed is the score. The issue is about whether this should be interpreted in a 3-2 clave or not and how to conduct it. When I conduct this (in 2 as you can hear from the hidden woodstock beat) my dear pianist tells me I am confusing him terribly. This matter is going on for many weeks now and makes my singer feel scared. We are good friends and both desire to solve the matter but we are so far not able to find each other in a joined approach that works out.
1. tell me please how to conduct this without confusing him (audiofile clapping for me maybe?)
2. tell me how to put this into musescore because I need that for the singers that a practising at home (I am a very big stupido with plugins, so that's a no go for me to do myself)
3. tell me please how otherwise to cope with this issue.
Thank you so much for helping me out here,

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Thank you so much for that!! This really helps me to understand. The composer told me he has not really meant it as consistent or even as clave. But now I can feel the disturbance in my pianist for he needs to choose either the clave or the 2/2 beat from the woodblocks. And he persistently insists on the clave here. You did me a huge favour by adding this.

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