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• Sep 4, 2014 - 10:04

Hi I have downloaded Musescore 2 and have been comparing it against Musescore 1.3. I have noticed that when I import bww files with M2 it doesn't show the title, composer etc in the header and the bagpipe embellishments have been removed from the score. When I try to re enter the bagpipe embellishments from the palette (which is excellent by the way) they disappear as well. Maybe a user error lol but any ideas?


In order to make it easier for us to investigate the problem, please provide following info:
* attach the bww file together with a screenshot how it looked in 1.3 and how it does in 2.0
* I can't reproduce the problem with the disappearing bagpipe embellishments, but again we need exact steps to reproduce the problem you have.

Also mention which operating system you are on.

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Thanks for the bww. I still need an answer on these questions:

* Which operating system you are on: Windows XP, Vista, ... Mac OS X, ...
* We need the exact steps to reproduce the problem with the disappearing bagpipe embellishments, bc I still can't in 2.0 beta 1.

Hi Thomas
My operating system is Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit.
My exact step are as follows:
opened Musescore 2
clicked on the folder icon (load score from file)
selected score from libraries/documents/my documents/bagpipe tunes varied sources/bww files/
the score opens without embellishments but still can be played

I tried to add embellishments from the palette - bagpipe embellishments. As soon as I drag an embellishment to where I wanted it in the score and released it, it disappeared.

I hope this helps. Sorry about the delay, different time zones.


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