"Disable" effect of Pedal and articulation settings.

• May 23, 2021 - 15:59

A question:
Is it possible in a simple way to «disable» the “effect of” pedal and articulations-annotations in a score?
The reason? Well at least one reason I know of: Switching from piano to organ in Musescore makes the playback sound bad in many cases.

(The score: https://musescore.com/user/26911315/scores/6766556 is just an example, both piano and organ is “suitable” as instruments for this little composition).

Thanks for advice!
Kind regards Erling


For articulations you can uncheck "Play" in the Inspector. I guess there is no such checbox for pedal. probably there should be. Maybe in MuseScore 4...

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Thanks for answer.
Guess I was "to quick on the trigger" for my question as I found the (obvious)
"uncheck play" in the inspector (after I raised the question!).
However: Should I propose the same for "pedal settings"? As a feature request?
And then: Only for V4? Why not V3?
Again : Thanks and regards: Erling

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Ok, fine with me. However does that mean that a feature request automatically is attached to v4?
And again: thanks for swift and good answers from you all. I’m impressed with your follow-up of all the valid, invalid, stupid, not so stupid, ignorant, not so ignorant requests and questions!
You must be the most patience persons to be found, indeed!!

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I'm posting here and kinda reviving the topic (sorry), both because I agree and just as a kind reminder to be methodical. I think articulations make up the majority of the elements that lack playback switches, (or at least those are the ones where a toggle switch would make sense), but it might be good to, while you're there, make sure everything has them.
A quick example: dynamics. A playback switch wouldn't make the most sense here, and there are simple workarounds assuming this is never added, but being able to turn off any playback-related element could be nice.
Edit: More examples would be repeats or tempo. These are a likely a lot more difficult to change but could be useful occasionally.

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