Consolidating Measures To A Single Stave

• Jun 3, 2021 - 20:47

Okay.... I had to leave Sibelius because they want to charge me now. Now I am trying MuseScore.

I like the ability to independently have as many measures in a single stave as I'd like. The problem I have is this....

I am composing a cello chart. I have a notated 4 click intro measure and then 4 measures of intro, 8 measures of verse 1, 8 measures of verse 2. The cello doesn't come in until the chorus. I would like to use the multirest feature with all the measures on the first stave like in the attached image. Is this possible in MuseScore or am I limited to the preset number of measures per stave?


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All the notes are in. The arrangement is complete. I just need to get all the measures before letter "A" on the first stave. Letter "A" in the screenshot above is the chorus and I want the "A" section to start with the first measure of the stave. So, including the click measure, I want the first 21 measures on their own stave. Is that doable?

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Since I have your attention... (sort of) I've followed the instructions in the manual on deleting a range of measures. The instruction is:

Remove a single measure1. Select the measure2. Press Ctrl+Del (Mac: Cmd+Del).
Remove a range of measures1. Select a range of measures;2. Press Ctrl+Del (Mac: Cmd+Del)

I have tried it and it doesn't remove the measures from the score. What am I doing wrong?

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Yes.... I just downloaded this app today. It's my first time using it. Closing the app and reopening it solved the issue.

I've been a long time Sibelius user. I written hundreds of charts and have never had to pay for a subscription to use it. But, my church upgraded my computer and my version of Sibelius would not work on the Catalin OS. So, Sibelius wants me to pay for a subscription to continue using it. I decided to go with MuseScore istead. So far.... I am so glad I did. Seems very intuitive and the learning curve seems minimal.

And you've been an amazing help, Shoichi!!!!

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