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• Jun 6, 2021 - 07:58

Hello mates!
I created a score and started putting in notes for instruments, but the score has a weird layout which I don't how to fix. I want the layout to be as in the second picture.
Another question; how do I get rid of the thing that connecting the first three instruments together? Whenever I change something it appears (the first picture). And why does that bar line cut all three instruments, I believe it shall be as in the rest of the score (like other instruments), I'm talking about the first picture.


Do you have a special reason for wanting all that blank space at the bottom? Doesn't look very professional, but if you prefer it for whatever reason, you can disable vertical justification of staves in format / Style / Page, or adjust the parameters there so it doesn't kick in for pages that are this empty.

As for the brackets, just select and delete. Normally MuseScore adds them and manages them automatically, but depending on exactly how you created the score, something it can get a little confused and you'll need to manage them yourself. If you attach your actual score instead of just pictures, we can understand and assist better. Chances are you can still get MuseScore to do things automatically with the right configuration in Edit / Instruments.

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Looks like you have two different piano instruments, each one one staff - is that really what you meant? Two pianists, reaching playing with one hand only? :-) Probably you want just one piano, with two staves. So I'd delete the second piano but add a second staff to the first. Or maybe you actually meant the first staff to be vocals, not piano? Then best to actually change it, in Staff/Part Properties - or delete the current one then add vocals from Edit / Instruments. Also, probably instead of the "Orchestral" order in that dialog, you want something like Rock Band, to get the right ordering of staves (otherwise voice will be below piano as is common for orchestra).

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There are several ways to do this. This is just the way I did it.

  1. "Create New Score"/add title if you want/Next
  2. Double click "Choose Instruments"
  3. Select "Vocals"/double click "Voice"
  4. Select "Brass"/double click "Trombone" (this will become the piano part)/Use arrows on the right to move this down.
  5. Select "plucked strings"/double click "acoustic guitar tab"
  6. Double click "Electric bass"
  7. Double click Electric bass tab"
  8. Select "Woodwinds"/ double click "alto sax"/ move to bottom
  9. Select "unpitched percussion"/ double click "Drumset" (or your choice)/move to bottom
  10. Select "Finish"
  11. Double click the word "Trombone" in the score.
  12. In the middle of the window that opens, Select the "Change Instrument" button.
  13. Select Keyboard/Piano/OK
  14. Change piano treble clef to bass clef if that is what you need.

As you found out, you can't just delete one of the piano staffs without it linking to the guitar tab.

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As I mentioned, simplest is to remove the existing incorrect instruments, then add the correct ones. That is, don't add piano then use it for vocals - just add vocals if you want vocals. If you want a piano with a single staff, fine, add a piano, then remove one of the two staves. Again, if you select Rock Band at the top of the dialog, the brackets work out correctly, so does the order of the instruments and everything else. It only behaves wrong if your score lies about which instrument is playing which part.

So, take your score, go to Edit / Instruments, change from orchestral to rock, delete the piano part you are trying to use for vocals, then add an actual vocal part. You will also need to delete the brace since MuseScore does think pianos have two staves even in rock. Just click and delete.

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