Some small copyrights issues

• Jun 7, 2021 - 18:35

This might be a little dumb, but last Friday I uploaded a concert band arrangement of the Main Theme from Beetlejuice. Everything went well, until today I noticed that a company called "Alfred Publishing" made a copyright claim on my score, even if I arranged it completely by ear and was relatively original (with the main structure of the piece I heard from the Youtube video being used and the having changed the key). I quickly deleted it to avoid further issues and I still have it in my computer. The Community Guidelines mention that I should not upload copyrighted material publicly. I just wanted to ask if I still risk being given a copyright fee or anything related, thank you.


It might be your arrangement, but it's not your composition. Alfred is one of the largest publishers in the world, they do indeed own the rights to a lot of music. No need to delete your score from - you can simply leave it private (or maybe unlisted) and then if ever gets a license agreement that gives permission for that composition as they have for others, you can make it public again (as happened recently for Disney songs).

Anyhow, no, you never need to worry about any of this, it's strictly between Alfred and It's also the sort of thing that in the future you should just ask over there on

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