Grace note durations

• Jun 9, 2021 - 22:52

Why are my grace notes playing back a full minim, whatever length appoggiatura / grace note I select, please?


I assume you are adding to a whole note (semibreve) or dotted minim? Appoggiaturas by definition take half the length of the main note - or two-thirds in the case of dotted notes. Probably you really mean to add an acciaccatura (with slash through stem) if you are wanting a short grace note.

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I hate to labour the point, but the manual does say that you can enter different note values for the grace note. So the manual is incorrect!
I would like to be able to specify exactly the length of the grace note, whether it be semiquaver, quaver or whatever.... When we have possession of the music, and are led by a conductor, all can be explained verbally, never mind the playback, but you'll understand that in the meantime I need to be able to illustrate to the listener what is required.
The only alternative is going to be to write out the note values as proper notes, reduce their size to small etc. and reduce the value of the main note's length. Messy.

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The Handbook is not incorrect - you can enter any notated duration. But the playback will always the standard appoggiatura duration - half or two-third the main duration. If you want it to be short, it's not an appoggiatura, as I said, so you shouldn't trying to enter it as one in the first place - that's simply the wrong notation. But you can indeed use the plugin to make a notated appoggiatura play as if it were an acciaccatura, or really any duration you like within reason.

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