Easier way to choose sound

• Jun 10, 2021 - 16:11

In the Mixer you can choose another sound for the instrument.
But, when loaded serveral SoundFonts, the list of instruments will be very long.

In combination with sometimes odd ways to name an instrument within the soundfonts,
it is hard to find the right instrument from the list.

A method to state what you're looking for would be nice.
Just to filter the list.

So, if I type Oboe, I like to see:
Oboe (1)
Don's Oboe
and other Oboe-like names.

If I state Piano, I like to see:
Grand Piano
and all other piano variants from the list


That would be great if only there was a way to say which sound is meant for which instrument. Which would for example be the MIDI standard, but that lacks a lot of instruments.

Going by "name" is a lot harder, not even considering translated versions yet..

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The problem is, when I load several soundfont libraries, the list of instruments is so long, it is hard to find the right name.

Now it is only possible to type the first letters, jumping through the list.
But life would be easier when typing "piano" would list all names containing "piano",

Of course the problem still remains that you have to know which name you're looking for.

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Such is life with midi sounds.
The only way around it is to extract the sounds you use mostly from the different fonts and combine them into one. Not for the weak hearted. Personally, I use less than a quarter of any given font. So I use mostly the General HQ font with a solo horn and trumpet separately.

Not sure you understand what I am looking for.
Let's try to explain again.

The sound-list in the Mixer now is a combobox:
Just a pick-list in which you may type the first characters of the sound you're looking for.

An easier way to pick the sound would be:
Click the Sound field,
a pop-up shows containing a textfield and a listbox.
The listbox contains all available sounds.
In the textfield you type a part of the name you're looking for,
and the listbox than shows all sounds the the given phrase in the name.
Wildcard-search, not only "Starting with".

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I do understand. A better way would be:

  1. select the sound field.
  2. a list of instrument families shows.
  3. select the family you want.
  4. a list of instruments in that family shows.
  5. select the desired instrument.

I doubt that MuseScore will be able to do this without a total revamp of midi fonts.

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Depends. To just find sounds, no change to the soundfont is needed, but if you want instrument families, there's changes needed, as the Soundfonts don't have those. Won't happen though as then the Soundfonts won't be compatible anymore, the SF2/3 and SFZ formats simply don't have that.

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