transpose ? (HELP)

• Jun 12, 2021 - 02:05

I have copied/written a one measure guitar lick from the web. Both staff & TAB (linked). I have modified it and like what I have. It is to be played over/with an E chord in the key of A. It is written with NO key signature.

I want to transpose/move the pitch up/down in terms of semi-tones (+2, -3, etc) to see/try how it
left-hand fingers in different keys.

I can't figure out for the life of me how to do this. All of the transpose options are in terms of musical terms, not tones or semi-tones. I have tried, maybe, 10 different choices. Some of them destroy the relative pitch between notes.

For example, what is the transpose choice/option to move all notes down one semi-tone?

Dick Penny


It's much easier to help if you attach the score and describe more precisely what change you want to make. But, transposition is a musical concept, so doing so requires musical terms. Saying you want to transpose a piece "one semitone down" isn't sufficient to tell a notation program what you want, because it will have no idea if G should turn into F# or Gb, etc.

The down arrows will move pitches down a semitone and spell things in ways that assume you actually want to keep the current key, which is almost certainly not what you want here. So the result probably won't make any musical sense. Instead, you want one of the interval transpositions - minor second or whatever.

The "diatonic" transposition options will indeed change the relative pitch, so don't use those for this purpose.

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