pallet icons too small

• Jun 13, 2021 - 07:04

hey everyone

using MuseScore on external tv monitor the pallet icons are very small. this occurs when I have the laptop monitor set to mirror the external display but If I set the external display to mirror the laptop screen then the problem is solved.

I saw others post about this and this is at least a simple enough solution.

is there any info I can provide help solve this problem more permanently?

I tried the terminal scaling commands and that could work but it doesn't stick if I reopen the app normally

anyway if I can help let me know seems like kind of an old issue now


What OS are you on, and how to do you normally open the app? Most OS's would provide a way to set command line options when opening from a program icon. Whether or not that also applies when opening by double-clicking a score in your file browser probably depends on the OS and/or your window manager (for Linux). On Windows, the method reference above often works well, but again, so much depends on the particulars of your system.

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