Stretch feature issue

• Jun 14, 2021 - 11:49


So I'm making a new voice + piano project, and I've used to stretch feature so that the top line has just 3 bars, unfortunately this causes the piano part at the bottom of the page to disappear and the only way to bring it bacck is to unstretch the top line. Is there any way around this?

Many thanks.


As a temporary fix: I've started the score from scratch, and will only use the stretch feature once I've completed the score, then I'll space out the front page. Hopefully then I won't have this problem.

To be clear: you should not be using stretch to trick MuseScore into putting fewer measures on a system. Just use a system break to do this directly. The only reasons to use stretch are to try to squeeze more measures on a system than actually fit given your current settings, or to change the relative size of measures within a system. In either case, you should apply the stretch just to the measures in question.

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