Unable to edit tempo from MIDI

• Jun 15, 2021 - 17:34

Just a heads up regarding a strange behaviour with tempo on imported MIDI files.

The attached file was created using the iWriteMisic app on iOs, and exported via MIDI. I attempted to change the tempo from the original 132 to 128. The new tempo appears on the score, but playback is unchanged and in the inspector it remains at 132. I can edit the value in the inspector and achieve correct playback, but once again, the displayed tempo seems unconnected in the inspector. Any changes to the displayed tempo are ignored.

The fix is simple - delete the MIDI tempo and replace it with a marking from the palette. The new tempo will now be in agreement with the inspector, and can be edited.

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Broadway Way.mscz 26.59 KB


Have you considered checking the "follow text" option for that tempo? It is off in the score you attached.
As soon as I turn on the checkbox in the inspector I see the value live-update.

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