Can't make stem point down

• Jun 19, 2021 - 10:35



Normally below is the default for tab of a single voice. Either you already have multiple voices in that example, or you changed the default settings in your staff properties. Either way, we'd need the actual score, not a picture, to understand and advise further.

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Is there a reason you are going out of your way to avoid the correct method here? It's just going to cause confusion at some point, whether it's upon editing later, on sharing the score with someone else, on export to MusicXML, or a blind person reading the score who doesn't "see" the stem directions. etc. It also won't playback as I imagine you probably want, with the bass note sustaining longer. is there some advantage I am missing that outweighs these major disadvantages?

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Yes, there is a reason. I am a testing a plugout which currently only works in a single voice. The plugout attempts to implement a better guitar "Let Ring" than the current built-in implementation. With the plugout applied the measure will ring exactly as intended, the bass note will ring for the full measure. I think that TAB users are used to a bit of flexibility with their scores and would not be confused at all by this layout but I am working on a multivoice solution. I just want to get some initial feedback on the single voice version and it aids clarity if I can switch the stems up/down.

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