Re-pitch mode and ties, chords not working

• Jun 21, 2021 - 12:13

Hi, guys

So, I'm trying the very handy re-picth mode, and get in to trouble when trying to input chords, using a midi keyboard. See the short youtube clip to see how it behaves.

Is this expected behaviour, or is it a bug? If it's expected - can it be changed? If it's a bug - can it be fixed? ;-)

Musescore 3.6.2
Windows 10


I seem to recall an issue in the tracker that was something like this, but cannot find it at the moment. I recommend doing a search of the issue tracker and if you don't see anything, please file a new one. Be sure to include a sample score and precise steps (simply listing them in the bug report, not a video, is much better).

Like all bugs in open source software, it can of course be fixed once reported with clear steps to reproduce, if someone with the necessary combination of skills, time, and incentive volunteers to do so!

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Cool, thanks. I can't find anything in the issue tracker for this particular issue, so I'll file it.

I don't really see what good a sample score would do here.. What would I include in that score to show the issue? A before and after-type thing? I'll write up the steps to reproduce as requested, but I really thought that little video showed better how the bug plays out. I might include that link as well.

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An .mscz file showing the behavior allows anyone to reproduce exactly what you encounter without having to spend time creating a score from scratch trying to replicate your issue.

Ideally, you present a score, enumerate the steps you take until the problem manifests.
"open this attached score"
"perform these exact steps in this order"
"here's what happens"
"here's what should happen"

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