convert score from 12/8 to 4/4 using trioles

• Jun 21, 2021 - 13:31

I have an existing score notated in 12/8 rhythm. But from the musical logic it should be 4/4 with mostly trioles in the notes.
Is there a possibility to perform such a transformation, e.g. through a plug-in? It could work similar to the program's feature "paste half/double duration" but "paste 2/3 duration" instead.
The workflow would then be:
- create an empty score (4/4)
- copy all notes from initial score (12/8)
- "paste 2/3 duration" to the new score.


Check the Plugins forum here on this site, it seems someone recently created something like that.

Eventually we'd like to extend the exist built-in "paste duration" functionality to handle this as well.

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Yeah it won't really work for anything that complex, and it makes an assumption based on the length of the first note that won't work in your case. Feel free to adapt it! If you can attach a msc file that needs converting I might be able to figure out how to change the plugin to do what you want.

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