Theory question - something even my Flute teacher couldn't answer..

• Jun 24, 2021 - 01:33

Ok, so here is a snippet of the "Rights of Man"...

I've done is as a video (in a ZIP file) so you'all can see it and hear the difference..

Two parts - first part is M/SC playback with dot at tempo - goes up to about 15 seconds
- second part, starts @ about 15 seconds is with the aforementioned dot removed.

Completely different sound... First one is correct, as heard on uTube videos..

So, what's that dot mean? It's effecting the 1/16 note playback. What's the effect called? and other such questions.

I'll do the research if I could just figure out what to search for...


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Exactly right. The dot is simply a text character, bearing a swing property that affects score playback. If you select the dot character and press the Inspector's Properties button you see a dialog with two tabs. The Swing Settings tab reveals a Swing percentage of 60%. That's why there's a lift to the playback.

This can be managed throughout a score with Staff Text objects, but it would be clearer to the reader if they were marked "Swing" (rather than the dot) and "Straight" if the eights are to be interpreted literally (where the swing = 50%.)

But quire simple and "invisible" to set Swing via Format>Styles>Score>Swing Percent. That affects the entire score, until an explicit change is made in the manner described above. It's advisable to notify the reader to "Swing the eighths" in the upper left corner of the score—otherwise the reader might assume straight eights.

It's common in jazz, swing, bluegrass and Celtic music to notate in eighths and have the reader interpret as swung eights. And the beauty of this, in Musescore, is that you can chose the strength of swing which can range between 50.0001% and 74.9999%. The classic definition is 66.6666%, but most player lighten the swing to 60 or 61%. So Musescore's default value of 60 is apt.


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By the way, that was a very credible edition of the tune!

I made a couple of melodic changes and also reset some of the Musescore styles. For instance, to allow it to print to A4, to show the clef and key signature on each line and, most notably—though you may not have wanted this—I removed the horizontal frames so its format fits nicely on four lines.

Rights of Man TS.mscz


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Thank you but I can't take credit for the score. I got it off M/ Someone else did all the hard work, I'm only put into a format that I can use...

I see the the melodic changed you made, quite nice...

Yes, I will be reformatting it - no reflection on what you did. You see I'm dyslexic and have a very hard time following the score. I've found that having the absolute bare minimum, well spaced out is the only way I can manage. I can't even interpret the notes, they look like ants running a relay race to me. That's why I use "Note Names". Yes, if it isn't directly telling me something, when I need it, then I'm better off not having it on the page. The slightest thing will cause me to loose my place and the more "unnecessary" things there are on the page , the harder it is to find my place and continue.

Thanks for the thought and effort...


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