Translation to foreign languages

• Jun 30, 2021 - 01:42

The "Save online" window, opened from the "File" tab in the Brazilian Portuguese version has two buttons: "Meio", on the left and "Cancelar", on the right. Now, "Cancelar" is quite OK, but I'll be damned if I know what "Meio" means!! I'm Brazilian, BTW.

Please, anyone tell me what the original English version has for the label on this button, so I can suggest how to fix this bad translation.

BTW, "meio" in Portuguese, means "half", "middle", or "right in the center", none of which seems to make sense as a label for that button.


Seems indeed a bogus translation. In English it is "Continue", so I guess it should be "Continuar" in Brazilan Portuguese, just like it is in Portuguese. I've corrected it just now, just update your translations (in some 15 minutes) to benefit from that.

Funny that it took 2 years to get detected.

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