How to make visible grace notes unheard and not take up time

• Jul 1, 2021 - 10:03

As you can see in the image, I have tried putting an invisible triplet at the end of the last bar to create the same effect, but to also not play it on the beat. However I need to keep the visible acciaccaturas as part of the notation, and even when I have pressed 'do not play' from inspector, it still distorts the rhythm a little on that first quaver of bar 203.
How can I make the acciaccaturas not take up any time?

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A) you have not marked the beams invisible in the score, unlike tio what the images suggests
B) you could have used 'Grace notes after" in that measure 203?

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The Piano Roll Editor allows you edit individual notes and tweak aspects of their playback.
look for 'OnTime' and 'Length'.

Here's your score with adjusted grace note 'OnTimes':

P.S.: You might also take a look at this plugin:

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