Create Barnumbers from 1 at any place

• Oct 29, 2009 - 00:54


does anyone know if it is possible to let the barnumbers in a piece with several single movements start newly for each beginning. And how??
Musescore is a fantastic application!!

Regards, Wolfgang


You can use the "add to measure no" in Instrument Properties. It is shown in the screen shot at measure operations . You'll need a negative number to bring it back to 1. Alternatively you can start the new movement in a new file.

Thank You very much, David, it is actually a very logical operation!! Just hard to find...
By the way, if you have different files for each movement, how can one get a unified score in the end??
Regards, Wolfgang

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If you don't mind the movement starting on a new page then the unified score would be when you print it out. It might be the easiest option if you are writing for piano, for example. If you are writing for an ensemble and plan to extract the parts later, ignore the second suggestion and use the first option for renumbering the bars.

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