bar numbers

• Jul 6, 2021 - 03:13

Where do I go in the menus to insert bar numbers please?


Bar numbers should already be present in the standard place by default - above the first measure of each system. If you wish additional bar numbers to be placed according to some regular interval (like every measure), you can set this in Format / Style / Measure Numbers (aka Bar Numbers, in the UK). If you wish a specific measure to show the numbers, enable this by right-clicking the measure in question, Measure (Bar) Properties, and set the number to always show. Or, consider adding a rehearsal mark instead (Ctrl+M, or use the Text palette or Add / Text).

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Thank you Marc. Apologies or the late reply, especially when you were so fast in answering me. Your info was quite helpful, the right-clicking on the bar in particular. In the past week or so I've come somewhat more to grips with Musescore though my efforts are generally directed only to loading my choir's music from PDFs, adding the lyrics omitted and making audio files of the score and its parts. In the most recent song I found the Tools/Bar menu very useful in removing some extra quavers the system had downloaded into bars.
David (McKay)

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